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Fara territory, well positioned in the Piedmont region, just in the middle of the hills that are in front of the Alps, has been since centuries an ideal site for grapes and Prolo family has been always a significant part of this culture.
At the beginning of last century, the great-grandfather Giuseppe with his nickname "Cravin", was already a small vine-grower in Fara. After the second World War, his sons Emilio and Carlo, nickname "the Paita", took the lead of the family vineyard activity.
The two brothers increased the production significantly, adding to the property new sites like: the "ochera", the "mot dal bataru", the "mutin", the "snori", the "valfantin, the "olinda", afterwards the "vojabursi" and the "scurgun" and finally the "vigneta" and the "viagnagrosa". So the family activity became a solid vine-grower company.
In the 70’s the activity was transferred to Emilio’s son, Flavio, nickname also "Paita", who managed the prosecution of the activity until the millennium end. Now is Christian, Flavio’s son, who is continuing the long lasting traditions
of the "Prolo" family "the Paita", with the opening of the new sales and marketing centre, with the new cave and including also in his portfolio many typical gastronomic products of Fara territory.

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